Portable Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Power Cube™

Utilizing the latest battery technology, solar power and wind energy, the Blue Arc Power Cube™ is the first truly mobile, customizable, commercial-grade EV charger. Onboard power and smart solar panels allow this self-sustaining system to charge between 5 and 30 vehicles each day or power a nearby facility. Eliminate infrastructure changes with an EV charger that can be up and running in as little as two hours.

A Fully Portable Electric Vehicle Charger

powercube charger

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All-Electric Crew Cab Plugged Into the Work You Do


  • 500kWh to 3mWh onboard lithium-ion batteries
  • 4′ to 30′ flexible sizing to support different applications
  • Modular design supports flexible range of chargers
  • Heavy-duty hydrostatic drivetrain and wireless controller for relocating unit


  • State-of-the-art fire suppression system
  • Wireless energy management system and weather station
  • 360º safety camera system


  • Smart peak load management system
  • Level 2 and DC fast charging
  • 19.2kWh Level 2 charging rate for J1772
  • 25 to 150kWh DC fast charging rate
  • 4 energy capture options for recharging onboard batteries
  • Commercial-grade 5 to 10kWh solar panels
  • Automated panel deployment and retraction
  • 4-direction sun tracking for efficient energy capture
  • Automatic panel protection from inclement weather