Class 5 Electric Work Truck

Blue Arc Class 5 All Electric Crew Cab

Power up and get it done. Engineered from the ground up to handle the payloads and go the distance real work requires, The Blue Arc™ Class 5 All Electric Crew Cab is in a class by itself. This complete, road-ready work truck combines a Class 5 EV chassis with a lightweight aluminum truck body and a game-changing crew cab design — purpose-built for construction, trades, municipalities, snow removal, landscaping, and other hard-working vocations. Backed by 50 years of Work Driven Design™, breakthroughs in driver safety and workspace, and the latest EV technology, it’s time to charge ahead as never before.

All Electric Crew Cab Class 5

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Blue Arc Class 5 All Electric Crew Cab

Blue Arc EV Class 5 Interior photograph

All Electric Crew Cab Empowers Drivers and Crew

The game-changing Blue Arc™ Class 5 All Electric Crew Cab is designed to make work safer, more comfortable, and more productive for the whole team.

  • interior view of class 5 all electric work truck by Blue Arc

    Spacious interior

    88.5″ wide, 85″ high cab design creates a generous interior space, with plenty of headroom and legroom to sit, stand, and move ergonomically on the job. Multiple cab layouts accommodate up to a full crew.

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  • office desk in all electric class 5 work truck by Blue Arc

    Office on the road

    Pull-down worksurfaces and monitor support modern work as teams field calls, use laptops and handheld devices, and collaborate around information on the digital display.

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  • curbside sliding entry door exit door on class 5 all electric crew cab work truck by Blue Arc

    Safe, curbside entry

    Industry-first slider door provides safe, easy entry and exit from curbside, eliminating risk of opening doors into traffic.

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  • steps on class 5 electric work truck

    Weather-protected steps

    Fully enclosed steps are clean and low, protected from weather and grease to reduce risk of fall and injury.

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  • seats on interior of all electric class 5 work truck crew cab by Blue Arc

    Ample seating

    Cushioned seating creates comfort for all. A driver-side jump seat accommodates one more at a moment’s notice.

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All-Electric Crew Cab Plugged Into the Work You Do


  • Proprietary, purpose-built, all-electric chassis
  • Commercial-grade e-axle
  • 6-year or 180,000-mile battery warranty
  • 75 mph top speed
  • 200-plus mile range
  • 6,000–10,000 lb payload capacity
  • 88.5″ wide, 85″ high cab design
  • Lightweight aluminum and composite cab


  • Modular, liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery packs
    with 158–316 kWh
  • Level 2 and DC fast charging of 800-volt system
  • Commercial-grade 4,000-cycle cells
  • 450Wh solar option
  • 2- to 6-hour accelerated charge time
  • Battery upgrade and buyback programs


  • Ergonomic, spacious cab
  • Slider-door curbside standing egress
  • Enclosed, weather-protected steps
  • Cushioned seating plus flip-up jump seat
  • Drop-down computer monitor
  • Drop-down table
  • Automotive-grade dash
  • Keyless entry and start


  • 360° camera with 12″ HD display
  • Front camera AeroCap integration
  • Front parking sensors
  • Blindspot detection
  • Tire pressure monitor


  • Real-time status updates
  • VMRS codes
  • Factory-trained EV technicians
  • In-stock EV parts
  • Distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada
  • Dedicated product support team

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